Marketing is much more than sales and promotion. It is the entire process that surrounds what to sell, how to sell it, at what price, to whom and for how long. Marketing is not only the cornerstone of business; it provided the foundation of modern day civilization. When conducted in a strategic and honorable manner, marketing provides the blueprint for a profitable and successful business.

Leading Edge Marketing presents a framework that embodies The5Ps and other management principles that have been used to deliver results to leading global firms as well as small businesses since 1980. Leading Edge Marketing covers:
The 5 Ps
The Marketing Mix
Strategic Planning Framework
Product, Packaging, Place, Price, Promotion
Putting The 5 Ps together to optimize results
The TUMAC Principle – from Targeting to Closing
…and much, much more. We present win-win strategies and techniques to conduct business profitably and with integrity.
This site gives life to the book Leading Edge Marketing by expanding upon topics with the book, keeping information current and serving as a resource about products and services of value to business executives and managers.
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